From one time zone to the next!

By Jane’ Barrow

It’s May 9, 2009 after graduation and we were off to Atlanta, Georgia.  When we arrived we had to be in concert mode because we were pressed for time. The concert went extremely well and we got to meet Judge Hatchett and her mother, who coordinated our visit.  We ate with them and Judge Hatchett prayed for us (which went straight to God because we all felt her prayer). The food was great, the members were very welcoming, and we really enjoyed ourselves.

After leaving Atlanta, we traveled overnight to Dallas, Texas. When we arrived there we all were starving so we ate breakfast together at Denny’s. After eating we went to the hotel and took showers (THANK YOU LORD FOR THAT!!!)! We needed rest because sleeping on that bus was HORRIBLE, so we took naps before our day really began.  After waking up we went to an arcade called SpeedZone (I believe that was the name of it) and we rode go carts and played games. After that I was drained because it was SO hot outside. 

On the second day of our Dallas trip we visited Paul Quinn College (an HBCU in Dallas) and an elementary school.  We toured Paul Quinn College and then we sung at the elementary school for the kids. They were excited to see college students and had many questions for us after we sang.  

Overall, we had a great time in Dallas and I would definitely go again!

Next, here comes Vanhorn, Texas. THE WORST! It was nothing but the DESERT! Hot and in the middle of nowhere. That was a ghost town and I could not believe my eyes! Now on the way to Vanhorn, there were amazing windmill farms and oil pumps.  There were HUGE windmill farms EVERYWHERE! It took me by surprise because I was not expecting the windmills to be so big and beautiful! I could not stop looking at them because it was so amazing.  We also saw huge oil pumps in action. They were interesting also but not as much as the windmills.  To top our night off we ate at a small restaurant (which was in walking distance from the hotel) and the food was actually really good.  We did karaoke (which was not touched since the last time the choir was there, 4 or 5 years ago) and rocked the house! We sung for some of the people in the restaurant and they loved it! One lady even bought two CDs from us, YES! We had an awesome time in the restaurant and I would go back, if it was located somewhere else. 

Therefore, so far we are having a really good time traveling (although I miss being home) and I am enjoying myself. I am glad I decided to go on tour and I am anxious to see what’s coming next….. Until then…. LATER!


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