Is it really 100 Degrees?!

By Ashley Moore


Phoenix, Arizona where it can get up to 115 degrees!! My aunt said it gets about 70 at night!! That is a regular high in GEORGIA! When we left Van Horn, Texas (in the middle of NO WHERE) I thought we were never going to make it to Phoenix. It seemed like the ride was so long, like the driver was going at snail’s pace.  When I fell asleep, I saw mountains and sand. When I woke up, I saw mountains and sand. When we leave here I’m gonna see mountains and sand. I will remember Arizona as the sandy state!

When we finally arrived, we went straight to WALLY WORLD (Wal-Mart). We had to buy swimsuits because we just knew we were going to be swimming here. Although, Dr. McGee told us we couldn’t swim yet because we have a concert tomorrow and we need to save our voices. We also cleaned our bus today! INSIDE & OUT!  The boys did the outside while the girls did the inside. We have to make sure people can see CLAFLIN UNIVERSITY clear when we pass by.

Our next stop is Las Vegas. I can’t wait to see the lights! C U Later!


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