From Coast to Coast!!

This Coast to Coast tour has been a great experience for me. I am extremely thankful for such an opportunity as this. My fellow colleagues and I have enjoyed every avenue of this adventure. This experience has brought about many changes in my life. It has taught me a lot and it has made me a better person. It has also made my leadership skills stronger and more advanced. I am grateful for every day that the choir has spent together as a family and for every special moment that has created an everlasting memory in my mind. Some days were better than others, but the good days out weighed the bad. As we are now on our last leg of the tour, I can say it has been great success. Thank you all who have helped, supported, and prayed for the safe traveling for this tour. We have indeed made South Carolina and Claflin University extremely proud! Thank you again and be blessed! — Justin Witcher, Tour Manager

Justin Witcher and Sara Gallman.

Justin Witcher and Sara Gallman.


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