From Coast 2 Coast and Heart 2 Heart

The Crystal Cathedral

The Crystal Cathedral

The past two weeks have been the highlight of my summer. Not just because of the opportunity to travel across this nation from Coast to Coast, but because of the life lessons that I gained while en route to California. This trip has taught me many things-the most important of these being the values of gratitude and humility. It was inspiring to actually witness and partake in the views and atmosphere in the cities that we visited.
It would be safe to say that all of us basked in the fame and glory of Los Angeles, the wealthy Las Vegas, ‘Cowboy’ -‘Everything is bigger’ Texas…but the most captivating moment for me was at the Crystal Cathedral. I had seen some of the services on TV prior to our tour, but actually being there in person was more captivating. It was as if God in his glory inhabited the Church’s campus. His presence was evident in the church service, the choir, and yes…even the Pipe Organ (ha!) But the beauty in all of it was feeling the catharsis upon leaving the Church that Sunday morning. It was a cleansing experience that all of us needed. Doc especially mentioned how visiting the Crystal Cathedral during his collegiate experience changed him, and I can understand how it would. It was a humbling moment in our tour.
I am appreciative to everyone who helped make our Coast 2 Coast Tour a success. Thank you for each prayer, each donation, and each caring word. The support did not go unnoticed.

And to my fellow CUCC members-
Have a great summer…
If you haven’t heard me say it, I love you…even though we worked each others nerves on a 24/7 basis, lol…
and I look forward to another great year with you guys.

Thank you Doc for the opportunity. OH! and I love you too, lol…

Take care and God bless….Karah J. Brown


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