About the Tour

Claflin Concert Choir Embarks on Cross-Country Tour

The Claflin University Concert Choir will travel to nine states for its 2009 Spring Tour.

From Atlanta, Ga., to Los Angeles, Calif., with many exciting stops in between, the choir will sing at high schools across the country where they will also recruit future students, and perform evening concerts across the nation.

The tour will begin on Saturday, May 9, with at performance in Atlanta, Ga. From there, the choir will head to Texas and visit Dallas and Van Horn, Phoenix Arizona, Las Vegas, Nev., Los Angeles and San Francisco, Calif., Salt Lake City, Utah, Denver, Colo., St. Louis, Mo., and Knoxville and Kingsport, Tenn.

“All of our concerts during the year prepare us for our Spring Tour,” said Dr. Isaiah McGee, director of the concert choir. “It gives us a chance to showcase our choir to the nation, promote Claflin University and recruit future Claflinites.”

Ms. Charlene Slaughter, assistant director of public relations at Clafin, will be traveling with the choir and writing about their experiences. Beginning Saturday, the community is invited to log on to www.claflin.edu to access the blog site for the 2009 Spring Tour. There, they will be able to tag along with the choir by reading blog entries from Ms. Slaughter and members of the concert choir, seeing photos and viewing video of the choir’s performances. Community members may also send greetings and well wishes to the choir in the comments section.

The Claflin University Concert Choir is composed of 40 members. The Choir continues its legacy of excellence in its many performances at University and community events, and the annual Spring Tour. Last summer, the Concert Choir was invited to join a Choral Tribute to open the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, China. They have also released a CD entitled “Hehlehlooyuh.” The Choir has increased it tours from regional to national for better visibility. While the nucleus of the Choir is music majors, the Choir is open to all students with a variety of majors and they all serve as official ambassadors for the University.

As ambassadors of the University, the Concert Choir’s service to Claflin is unique.  Choir members interact with prospective students, alumni, and friends as they represent the excellence of Claflin University through their musical gifts.  They assist the University in recruiting, public relations, and development.


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